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We are here to give advice and strategic tips on Penny auctions. Penny auctions can be great fun, or great disappointments. Our goal is to try to help you get more enjoyment from penny auctions! We welcome comments and feedback, as well as link-backs.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Don't lose by holding yourself back!

Ok, So I recently heard that someone spent over 750 bids and only won 3 $25 auctions. This goes back to previous blog posts on strategy and waiting for the right time to bid. I'm just going to say it again, if you're new to the site, and aren't very experienced with penny auctions, don't start bidding until you have some experience watching how the auctions work and how the bidders play. While said person didn't technically lose any money, they didn't make nearly as much as they could have. Read through some of our strategies, and take a look at some of our posts, you'll be happy you did!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Buying Gift Cards Just Got A Whole Lot More Fun

Buying Gift Cards Just Got A Whole Lot More Fun with New Auction Website YouNeverLose.com

Gift cards always make the perfect present – they’re more personalized than cash, but recipients can use them to buy what they really want.  Now there’s a fun way to grab gift cards at a major discount just in time for all your spring and summer projects, not to mention graduation and wedding season.

YouNeverLose.com is a new gift card/auction site where you can win top gift cards to retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart and ExxonMobil at more than 90% off, without risk.

The way it works is like this: you buy gift cards (called reward cards) from retailers like Gap, American Airlines and Kmart, and get them sent to you with free two-day shipping.  For every dollar you spend on reward cards, you earn an equal number of reward points to use in live auctions on the site to win more gift cards, usually at 90% off!  The more reward cards you buy, the more points you earn and the better your chances for winning top gift cards like Wal-Mart, Amazon and Whole Foods for pennies! Recent closing auctions include: $0.34 for a $50 MasterCard gift card, $0.84 for a $25 Target gift card and $0.42 for a $50 Amazon gift card.  This could be you! 

You can use YouNeverLose.com to make this summer your most memorable one yet.  Relax by getting a massage at a local salon using a SpaFinder reward card, then use the points you earned to play in the YouNeverLose auctions for free!  Or buy a 1-800-Flowers reward card and use it to send flowers to your mom on Mother’s Day – make her happy while earning some fun for yourself.  When you win auctions, you’ll be scoring Trader Joe’s groceries, ExxonMobil gas cards and more for pennies on the dollar!

YouNeverLose uses an auction format, so if you’re not familiar with online auctions, it’s a good idea to review their FAQ page and tips for beginners before jumping in.  The site is unique in that it’s the only auction site where you have all of the fun with none of the risk.  So enjoy the game and go get your gift cards!  Remember, with this new site, you just can’t lose. 

For more information, visit http://goo.gl/jxYNL and get started shopping and saving today!

YouNeverLose just opened their Affiliate program!  You can learn more by watching the video at http://www.xanthakita.com/Affiliate/YNL/index.htm 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just won $25 card for $3.99

Look at this auction.   I just won an auction using one of the methods outlined in our eBook "A Beginners Guide to Penny Auction Success" If you don't have a copy get it here for free!

Now if you were in the affiliate program, and I was your affiliate, you would have earned .25 just for having signed me up!

So all you have to do to start earning affiliate money is join here!

Very Very Cool!

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's HERE!!!

The Long awaited and much vaunted affiliate program has now officially started! i'm at this moment in the back office looking at my stats.. all 0's as I just signed up!

Currently the system isn't completely automated so I had to talk to Larry Favalora, the EVP of You Never Lose in order to get signed up.  Now that I'm in the system I can sign up others. soon (within a week or two) the system will all be automated and easy for anyone to sign up via your private link!

So I still don't have the requisite number of comments on that contest card... I know one person (amber) who just wants me to give it away already... to her! but I said 25 comments... and then a drawing.

But I'll make it a little sweeter.. if you can join the affiliate program I'll put in 2 comments for you, and Amber, since I got the idea indirectly from you.. I'll give you 2 entries too!

If you want to join the program let me know we fill out a form it takes about 3 minutes and then poof "You are an affiliate!"

I'll let you know who gets in next!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

$250 value auction!!

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Let The Games Begin...



$250 TOTAL

$100 to Restaurant.com

$50 to The Whiskey Place

$50 to StubHub.com

$50 in AMC theater tickets

JUNE 12 - 17
P.S. Imagine the look on your dad's face when you present him with an awesome auction-pack of whiskey, sports tickets and more.Prepare for the battle and get your reward cards now!

Hello, YNL Fans!
It's back, and more manly than ever. 

The YNL mega-auction is coming your way in time for Father's Day, with five auction packs of $50 to The Whiskey Place, $50 to StubHub.com, $100 to Restaurant.com and $50 in AMC theater tickets - that's $250 total! That means five nights of manly, mighty fun as you battle to the finish, using your free reward points, of course. (We suggest you stock up on reward cards from The Whiskey PlaceBrooks Brothers or Stealth Auto to get free reward points and thrill your dad at the same time.) It only took six points to win one of our Mother's Day $250 mega-auction packs, so keep an eye on the timer and a fire in your belly - YOU may be the next lucky winner! Battle beginsTuesday, June 12 at 9pm EST and continues every night until Father's Day. 

Be there. 

The YouNeverLose Team

(Click the image below to play now!)
If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:
YouNeverLose.com 550 Hill St Suite 1170 Los Angeles, California 90013 United States (888) 218-0994

Friday, June 8, 2012

Affiliate Flyer and Info!

YNL Affiliate Program Overview

Program Overview- SIMPLICITY- NO Selling:

Watch this short video explaining the YNL Affiliate Program


Crazy Bonus for YNL Affiliates:

• You can also advertise the Affiliate program itself!
• When a prospective Affiliate signs up through your Affiliate Link and joins
the Affiliate Program and starts an on-line business like you have you
receive a One-Time cash bonus, and, an override on that Affiliate’s income
as well!

Show Me The Money!

YNL is the only affiliate program that pays you for bringing paying
customers to the site and keeps paying you as long as the Customer spends
money on our site, PLUS, an Industry first- you are paid for helping others
become successful Affiliates.

Here’s how it works:


When a customer finds your link through your marketing efforts on emails,
social networks, blog posts, Twitter, or wherever you promote your link, then
clicks on and decides, “Wow, this is terrific!” and buys rewards cards, you get a
bonus check. Oh wait, it gets better!! Then each time they win an auction, you’ll

get an additional bonus too! And, as long as the customer returns, buys rewards
cards, plays and wins auctions, you will be getting additional commission and
bonuses – “Can you say residual income!? We knew you could!”

Other Affiliates:

When a Customer of yours decides he/she wants to become an Affiliate,
or if someone, through your marketing and advertising efforts signs up to be an
Affiliate, you receive a one-time CASH bonus, plus you’ll be paid overrides on the
sales efforts of your newly enrolled Affiliate for as long as that Affiliate is actively
marketing YouNeverLose.com! You’re building yourself an online business with
NO direct selling (the videos do all the explaining), NO income caps, NO ridiculous
monthly sales quotas, NO harassing your friends and family, NO inventory to stock
or maintain, NO shipping and NO COLLECTIONS. (That’s why we think you’d be a
fool to pass this up!).

Standard Commission Plan:

Affiliates with YouNeverLose.com are paid for doing two basic activities:

1. Gathering Customers for YouNeverLose.com,
2. Marketing the Affiliate Program to attract other Affiliates.

So the YouNeverLose.com Compensation For Success System rewards and
incentivizes our Affiliate Partners to do just that. Here is how it works:

1. Gathering Customers- True Residual Income
a. One-Time Customer Acquisition Bonus- Paid only the first time a new
customer comes to YouNeverLose.com through one of your Affiliates’
links and purchases their first Reward’s card of any size. You are paid a
one-time Bonus of $5.00 on your PERSONALLY GATHERED CUSTOMERS.
You also receive an OVERRIDE bonus of $1.00 on any and all Customers
who make their first purchase of any valued Reward’s Card who came
to the YouNeverLose.com web site through one of your PERSONALLY
b. Pay-per-Purchase Bonus- Each time an existing Customer returns to

the site and makes a purchase of a Reward’s Card of any denomination,
since this Customer is permanently tied to your personal Affiliate
number, you will receive a bonus for that purchase. You will receive
$0.25 for each card purchase (of any denomination) on all of your
PERSONAL CUSTOMERS, and you will receive an OVERRIDE BONUS of
$0.25 for each Reward’s Card purchased by Customers of one of your
c. The Winner’s Bonus- You are paid an additional Bonus when one of
the Customers brought to YouNeverLose.com through your marketing
efforts WINS an auction. You are paid a $0.50 Bonus when one of your
PERSONAL Customers wins an auction. You are also paid an OVERRIDE of
$0.25 when a Customer of YouNeverLose.com wins an auction and was

2. Building Your Affiliate Business- “Building Long-Term Stability”
a. One-Time Affiliate Partner Bonus- You are paid a one-time Bonus of
$40 when someone, through your link and marketing efforts, pays to
join the YouNeverLose.com Affiliate Program and makes their first
personal Reward’s Card sale of any denomination. You also receive an
OVERRIDE bonus of $10.00 on any and all New Affiliates who joined
that came to the YouNeverLose.com web site through one of your

b. Annual Renewal Fee Affiliate Manager Support Bonus- each year, on
your Affiliate Partner’s anniversary date, when your AFFILIATES decide
to renew his/her Affiliate Position with YouNeverLose.com, and you
yourself are “active” and in good standing with YouNeverLose.com,
you will receive a Management Support Bonus of $40. for each Affiliate
that pays his/her Renewal Fee. You also receive an OVERRIDE bonus of
$10.00 on any and all Affiliates who renew their position that came to
the YouNeverLose.com web site through one of your AFFILIATES.

Other Forms of Compensation and Incentives-

Bonus Pools-

1. The Founder’s Club Bonus Pool- The initial group of Affiliates who joined
the YouNeverLose.com’s Affiliate Program within the first 60 day of it’s’
launch was made eligible, as an additional incentive to partner with us,
in a Founder’s Club Quarterly Bonus Pool. At the time of this writing the
formulation for determining what is to be placed in this Bonus Pool has not
yet been finalized.
2. Quarterly Leader’s Bonus Pool- the Top 10 Earning Affiliates for each
quarter will split the Bonus Pool. At the time of this writing the formulation
for determining what is to be placed in this Bonus Pool has not yet been

Additional Contests, Awards, Recognition, Trips and Incentives- TBD

Basic Affiliate Qualifications-

“Active” Status- For an Affiliate to remain “active”, meaning eligible to receive any and all forms of Commissions, Bonus,
Incentives and Recognition based on the most current form of the Compensation Plan, the Affiliate must make a minimum sale
of $50 of Reward’s Cards each month. If the Affiliate fails to make a minimum monthly sale of at least $50 in Reward’s Cards
then the current compensation earned during the most recent pay period that is due will be permanently forfeited for that time

The failure to maintain a minimum sale of at least $50 of Rewards’ Cards in any month during the year disqualifies the Affiliate
to be eligible to participate in any and all Bonus Pools, incentives, programs, trips or other promotions available to the Affiliate
Partners including the Founder’s Club Bonus Pool and Benefits.

“Annual Renewal Fee”- each year, on the anniversary date of the Affiliate’s joining the program, an annual renewal fee
of $99.00 will be charged to the Affiliates’ card or will be deducted from the last earnings check prior to the 12 th month
Anniversary of the Affiliate. If the Affiliate does not pay this fee his/her position is put into suspension and no bonuses,
commissions or other forms of earnings will be paid on this Position. If the Annual Renewal Fee is not paid within three month
after the anniversary date of the Affiliate’s joining then the position is permanently terminated and any and all present and
future compensation is forfeited.

You Never Lose Additional Affiliate Incentives:

Bonuses and contests monthly
Exclusive promotions and trips for top performers
Monthly Newsletter with tips, training and recognition!
Stellar support team for you and your costumers

Tools and Support for Success:

As a Youneverlose.com marketing partner, you will be provided with all the
tools and support needed for you to build a successful program with us. We are
the best in the industry when it comes to support and tools needed to succeed!

• You will be given a website that YNL maintains, telling the story and
facilitating all your business-building needs in one place.
• Real-time sales tracking and commission calculations – see how much
you’re making any time 24/7.
• Banners where your web link is embedded for you to promote your YNL
• Training On-Demand – Your YNL Affiliate Partner “back office” has on-
demand training videos for you and your team to access whenever you
want some training, at your convenience!
• Weekly training and marketing calls for you to plug into.
• Any questions? Send us an email at lfavalora@youneverlose.com


Monday, June 4, 2012

This is Legitimate, not Fraudulent!

Want a free iPhone and iPad!? Give me your phone number so I can call you and ask you stupid questions and try to get you to donate/buy stupid stuff that I'll never send you so I can charge your credit card for stuff that you never ordered! sound legit? well it is! step right up!! be the first to receive your own free iPhone AND iPad!!!

I wrote this, in order to make fun and bring to light sites that feed you fraudulent information to try and scam you in the long run.

To the point, YouNeverLose does NOT scam you, and never tries to get you to buy by spamming your email/calling you.

Because they don't do these things should be enough to believe that they are a legitimate company and are not so desperate that they feel like they have to scam people in order to keep their heads above the water.

YNL keeps it's head up by effectively helping individuals and/or businesses make money on the side!

Don't get YNL confused with other sites that are not legitimate. It is by far the most advanced and profitable/helpful penny auction site out right now just because of the way that it is designed and managed.